Irresistible Podcasting by Adam Clark

The hardest thing about podcasting isn't podcasting. It's getting noticed.

Stop guessing and start growing a podcast that actually converts!

Take the guesswork out of launching and growing a podcast that actually converts!

Podcasting is a great way to engage your audience, market your business, and get your ideas out there. But it can be daunting when you already have so many other things to do. It's complicated and time-consuming. 

But it doesn't have to be. 

This 11-module video course is packed everything you need to create and grow an irresistible podcast. In short, it’s everything I wish I had known when I first started.

Results that matter.

“With Adam’s help, my podcast, Build & Launch, blew past all my expectations. It’s only three weeks old and I’ve already had nearly 40,000 downloads and more than 100 reviews. It’s currently being featured all over iTunes and is, by far, the most popular show I’ve ever done.”
Justin Jackson

What makes Irresistible Podcasting different?

What gear to use, what software to use, how to setup your website and submit your show to iTunes and other outlets is all pretty basic stuff. The real work is figuring out how to create a show people will love and keep coming back to.

That's what makes Irresistible Podcasting different. In addition to all the technical details (gear, software, setup, etc.), we'll also go through content strategy, interview techniques, what kinds of podcasts work best (and why), audience building and launch strategies, as well as the “secret sauce” that's the key difference between podcasts that convert and those that don’t.

You'll also hear from other podcasting experts, such as John Lee Dumas, Justin Jackson, Nathan Barry, Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves, Caleb Wojcik and Paul Jarvis.

Join thousands of podcasters and podcasters-to-be already learning and participating!

Get your podcast in the earbuds of your future raving fans!

"Adam knows podcasting. Not just technical pieces like how to make your show sound great (which he's helped me with), but with getting down to the why behind your show and who it is for. His course will help get your podcast into the earbuds of your future raving fans."
Caleb Wojcik

Here's What You'll Get in The Course

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What You'll Learn in Irresistible Podcasting

Module 1: Define Your Goal
Why Podcasting?
13 mins
What To Create & Why
17 mins
Module 2: Define Your Audience
Defining Your Audience with Chase Reeves
37 mins
Module 3: Create Engaging and Effective Content
Create Engaging & Effective Content with Corbett Barr
38 mins
Module 4: Craft an Irresistible Brand
Three Formulas for Creating The Perfect Show Title
14 mins
How to Create Dynamic Cover Artwork
10 mins
What About Music?
26 mins
Module 5: Setup a Home Studio
What You Need and What You Don’t
9 mins
Connecting It All Together
13 mins
Module 6: Audio Production Crash Course
Overview of Recording Options and Software
9 mins
How to record Skype calls directly into Adobe Audition
13 mins
Quick and Dirty Tips to Give Your Voice that “Radio Sound”
9 mins
From Recording to Publishing: A Complete Walkthrough – Part 1
34 mins
From Recording to Publishing: A Complete Walkthrough – Part 2
14 mins
Module 7: Podcast Hosting & Syndication
Overview of Podcast Hosting
12 mins
Setting Up Your RSS Feed and Submitting to iTunes
10 mins
Hosting, Feeds and Best Practices with Rob Walch
24 mins
Module 8: Build a Website that Builds Your Audience
Build A Website That Builds Your Audience with Paul Jarvis
30 mins
Create a Podcast Website in 10 minutes with SimpleCast
12 mins
Module 9: Launch Strategies
The Top 3 Things You Must Do Before Launching Your Podcast
19 mins
Launch Strategies with Justin Jackson
27 mins
Module 10: Grow Your Audience
Grow Your Audience with Nathan Barry
44 mins
Module 11: Make Money from Your Podcast
How to Make Money From Your Show with John Lee Dumas
41 mins
Bonus Videos, Templates & Swipe Copy
How To Fix A Bad Recording
23 mins
How and Why to Create a Video Podcast with Caleb Wojcik
28 mins
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"Start kicking ass with your podcast!"

"Podcasting is the 'next big thing' that's been around for years. Adam's no-BS style will help you setup, manage and promote your podcast from start to finish. Take his course and start kicking ass with your podcast!"
Jason Zook

Irresistible Podcasting


Who's behind this thing? And why should I listen to you?

When I launched my first podcast, it exploded out of the gate with thousands of listeners. I got sponsors, I made money, I interviewed all the celebrities in my industry and yet it still ended up going nowhere. I had no idea why the show was “successful” or what to do with all that growth. I didn’t have a voice. I didn’t know what I wanted to say or who I wanted to say it to and I ended up quitting. Since then, I’ve launched multiple shows (the newest of which hit #2 in the iTunes Business category in less than a week), co-founded a podcast network, and helped many people vastly improve their podcasts and engage their audiences on a whole new level. I created this course to help you learn from my mistakes. It’s everything I wish I’d known when I first started.

I'm a total beginner. Will I still be able to get value out of this course?

Absolutely. We cover everything from how to generate ideas for your podcast, setting up a home studio on the cheap, building a brand and website, to launching and growing your podcast into a full-time business. No previous podcasting experience is required.

What if I think it sucks?

I will sue you. Just kidding. ;) If you're unhappy with the course in any way, just contact me within 30 days of purchase and I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked!

Do I have to complete the course in a certain amount of time?

Nope! The course is built for you to learn at your own pace. Just dive in whenever you have time. Your membership never expires.

Who is this course for?

I purposely designed this course to provide value to both beginners and experienced podcasting. This course is for you if 1) You want to learn techniques for creating remarkable podcasts that stand out form crowd. 2) You want to increase your exposure and build a following who will listen to your show and purchase your products. 3) You want to level-up your podcasting game and make a living as a full-time podcaster. 4) You want a step-by-step course, guiding you from idea to launch.

Adam Clark

I help busy indiepreneurs take the guesswork out of launching and growing irresistible podcasts that convert.