Irresistible Podcasting

Module 1: Define Your Goal
Why Podcasting?
13 mins
What To Create & Why
17 mins
Module 2: Define Your Audience
Defining Your Audience with Chase Reeves
37 mins
Module 3: Create Engaging and Effective Content
Create Engaging & Effective Content with Corbett Barr
38 mins
Module 4: Craft an Irresistible Brand
Three Formulas for Creating The Perfect Show Title
14 mins
How to Create Dynamic Cover Artwork
10 mins
What About Music?
26 mins
Module 5: Setup a Home Studio
What You Need and What You Don’t
9 mins
Connecting It All Together
13 mins
Module 6: Audio Production Crash Course
Overview of Recording Options and Software
9 mins
How to record Skype calls directly into Adobe Audition
13 mins
Quick and Dirty Tips to Give Your Voice that “Radio Sound”
9 mins
From Recording to Publishing: A Complete Walkthrough – Part 1
34 mins
From Recording to Publishing: A Complete Walkthrough – Part 2
14 mins
Module 7: Podcast Hosting & Syndication
Overview of Podcast Hosting
12 mins
Setting Up Your RSS Feed and Submitting to iTunes
10 mins
Hosting, Feeds and Best Practices with Rob Walch
24 mins
Module 8: Build a Website that Builds Your Audience
Build A Website That Builds Your Audience with Paul Jarvis
30 mins
Create a Podcast Website in 10 minutes with SimpleCast
12 mins
Module 9: Launch Strategies
The Top 3 Things You Must Do Before Launching Your Podcast
19 mins
Launch Strategies with Justin Jackson
27 mins
Module 10: Grow Your Audience
Grow Your Audience with Nathan Barry
44 mins
Module 11: Make Money from Your Podcast
How to Make Money From Your Show with John Lee Dumas
41 mins
Bonus Videos, Templates & Swipe Copy
How To Fix A Bad Recording
23 mins
How and Why to Create a Video Podcast with Caleb Wojcik
28 mins
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